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Happy, native apps - with code sharing!

Xamarin is a powerful tool that allows us to create native iOS and Android apps without the costs of traditional native Swift and Java development, and without the compromise of hybrid.


Native iOS apps

Xamarin iOS apps are the same as iOS specific development using Swift or Objective-C. But it uses (mostly) the same code as Android, making it quicker to build to high standards across both platforms.

  • Native UI
  • Access any iOS API
  • Makes use of native features of an iPhone or iPad

Native Android apps

Building an Android  app in Xamarin gives you all the possibilities of native development using Java or C#.

  • Native UI
  • Access to any Android API
  • Build Android Wear apps

Xamarin certified partner

Eastpoint are a Xamarin Authorised Consulting Partner.

  • Proven Xamarin expertise in-house
  • Our commitment to high standards
  • We are also Xamarin University graduates

We're Xamarin Partners!

Is Xamarin for me?

If you want to create an app for iOS and Android, Xamarin offers some great benefits, though native development should still be considered, as it is best in some circumstances. Xamarin is also a good option if you want to build for one platform now, but are looking to release to more in the future.


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Xamarin is a great framework for developing cross platform apps with benefits all round - for the client who wants their app on multiple platforms without the cost of multiple apps, and the developer who only has to develop and maintain a single code base instead of managing multiple.

Phill Smith

Senior developer, Eastpoint Software