Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

Explore new possibilities and create emmersive experiences for your audience with AR and VR. Virtual and augmented reality are also known as mixed reality (MR).

Technologies we use

What can mixed reality (MR) do for you?

Mixed reality places users at the centre of an experience. This doesn't have to be a gaming experience - virtual and augmented worlds can be used for promotion, training, ecommerce and R&D. The possibilities cross all sectors and there is a variety of MR hardware to showcase your experience.

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What industries are using mixed reality?

While gaming is a huge sector in AR and VR , other industries are taking advantage of these exciting technologies.

In particular Eastpoint is keen to work in healthcare, transport, engineering, education and promotional marketing opportunities.


What can Eastpoint do?

  • Virtual reality for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Augmented reality for iOS, Android and HoloLens
  • Strategic analysis of your mixed reality project
  • Project lifecycle management

Working with Eastpoint

With ideation and UX specialists in our team, alongside our MR developers, we can work with you to strategise and explore how your MR ideas can be realised. We are based in Cambridge, why not come and meet us to discuss your mixed reality ideas.

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We are fully invested in mixed reality and have been carrying out in-house research and development for more than a year. We want to create experiences unique to virtual and augmented reality. Our head of MR, Phillip Smith, is a keen advocate for this awesome technology and has been working in mixed reality for five years.

John Puddifoot

Founder, Eastpoint Software