Product design

A great product and user experience is the responsibility of the whole team


We gain a deep understanding of people’s needs and problems from the very start of our process to ensure that we design appropriate solutions.

Applications should be visually appealing, consistent and easy to use. Within our team we have UX, UI and design skills, enabling us to research, design and make digital products in-house.

User research

By working continuously throughout the lifetime of a project, we get feedback and insights from the people who will use the products and services.This data is then used to test our ideas and assumptions, and we respond by iterating our designs.  

We employ user experience methodologies to understand people’s behaviour and needs.Our methods range from interviewing and contextual observation, through to usability testing and data analytics.  

The aim is always to ensure that products and services are accessible to all, and we work collaboratively to ensure that the voice of the user is heard throughout everything we do.

UX (user experience) and UI (user interface design)

The user experience should deliver the application's goals in a way that is easy to grasp. The user interface is what this looks like - the visual apperance of the app that the users sees and interacts with. 

If an app feels instinctively good, an expert UI designer has been involved.

Visual design

How an app looks is not necessarily about 'graphic design', named as such because traditionally it involved creating graphics. Now, we use the phrase visual design for the entire design, style and look of an application.

Visual design is an art that requires a skilled hand. 


Based on a client's spec, we create nuanced and beautiful logos and branding guidelines. Please contact us to discuss our work and see samples.

Design sprintsWe follow design sprint princicples when creating digital products. Click here to see more about what's involved in a design sprint.