Support and consultancy

We can integrate our skills into your team


As well as working directly with clients, we have extensive experience collaborating with agencies on projects and systems.

The Eastpoint consultancy and support service allows you to draw on our experience and skills without having to take on permanent staff.

We take as much care with these projects as we do with our direct clients, ensuring clear and accurate communication and management of requirements. We can provide expertise where you do not have it in-house and need guidance or support, or where you are working on a new technology or concept outside of your comfort zone.

We will effectively become your technical lead within the scope of your requirements. 

Consultancy from Eastpoint Software

Our team is experienced in a diverse range of technologies and software applications. Projects we have consulted on include implementing new technology and working with an unfamiliar API.

Outsourcing to Eastpoint

If you want to outsource work entirely we offer a complete outsourcing service, too. Due to our technical background, we are often approached to work on complete outsourced solutions, or provide development for particular skills.