What is the app development process?

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The web and mobile development process at Eastpoint takes advantage of our multi-skilled team.


Planning and strategy

A thorough understanding of what you want ensures we’ve got all the information we need to design a solution to meet that.

Design and user experience

We will look at who your app needs to appeal to, and be appropriate for - the intended audience. It needs to be engaging, attractive, intuitive and consistent with existing branding where applicable (or you may be launching a new brand).


Beautiful apps have to be backed up with good coding and solid functionality. Our dev team listen to your vision and advise on which technology to use and how functions can be achieved.

Our developers follow agile methods - this means we build in two-week sprints, with regular reviews.


We make sure that what we’ve produced is what we set out to produce, and it all works correctly on varied device types.

We like automated and manual testing, making sure that where possible we have automated tests to cover the design functionality, backed up with the manual testing. You can’t beat a human set of eyes.

Support, analysis and improvement

We'll work to ensure the product continues to perform in the way that it’s expected to, long after the product is launched.

Long term support for mobile apps is key to its success as new devices and device updates often change the underlying systems, which could otherwise harm performance of the application.

And as user uptake of your application grows, we'll work with you to collect and analyse information about usage and help to guide design changes and enhancements.

We like to maintain relationships with clients over the years, supporting systems, offering advice, and remaining a part of the project.