Continuing our efforts to improve air quality through innovation

By Amy, Eastpoint Software on 23 July 2019

Being at the forefront of innovations to improve our health and environment is what makes Eastpoint tick.

Having worked on the award-winning transport app GLOSA (Green Light Optimised Speed Advisory), our team are thrilled to be a part of building the next phase of the GLOSA evolution on behalf of Highways England.

The project, led by Amey OW Limited, aims to improve air quality at key parts of our strategic road network by reducing the number of stop-starts made by HGVs at motorway offramps. Using the GLOSA app, drivers will receive a speed advisory to help them avoid being brought to a stop by a red light.

Eastpoint's product innovation lead, Sarah Hide, said: “The team are really excited to have the opportunity to fully realise the potential of the GLOSA approach. 

"There are incredible opportunities to reduce the negative environmental impact of vehicle journeys just by giving drivers the information they need to make better choices.

"GLOSA in conjunction with better real-time data for journey planning, and in-vehicle variable message signage, will enable drivers – and eventually autonomous vehicles – to become adaptive to changes on route and maximise efficiency.”

There were 11 winning entries in the air quality category which are detailed here.

More information about the Highways England Road Investment Strategy can be found here: